#LOVETHEHILL is an interactive art project to be installed in a storefront on Broadway between the streets of Pike and Pine. The purpose of the installation is to examine the evolution of Capitol Hill over the last 30 years and to document the impact of increased development and gentrification on the quality of life in the neighborhood. The installation has extended into a short documentary film with various people discussing their experiences over the years amidst all the change.


We would like to promote a public discussion that balances the positive attachment people have for the hill with their concerns about changes. The project will include statistical analysis as well as anecdotal elements. It will engage the attention and involvement of the community with the graphic transformation of the building and through the assembling of data which will be collected from a wide variety of sources, including prominent business owners, local creatives, and ordinary citizens.

Our Objectives


Educate & Inform

Provide information about the history and current state of the neighborhood

Pay Homage

Celebrate the past, present, and future of Capitol Hill

Beautify the Neighborhood

Refurbish an unused, dated building in a prominent location

Engage & Interact

Utilizing our hashtag, the community can help curate the content

Tell us why you #LOVETHEHILL

Demolished buildings since 1992

Constructed buildings since 1992

Current projects planned or underway

People living within 5 blocks of Broadway

  • Rent is Too High 96%
  • Affected by Construction 79%
  • Noticed Change in Past 5 Years 86%
  • Change is Good 34%

Community Repsonse

We’ve researched the Capitol Hill neighborhood extensively and had a great response from the community. We want to continue to learn about how people feel about the neighborhood. Please take the time to take our survey so we can give you even more accurate results.

Take Our Survey

Favorite thing about Capitol Hill?







Least favorite thing about Capitol Hill?




Weekend Crowd


Condos Building

The nature of the project was determined by the location and its potential to speak to the local community. This installation building is in a prominent location on Broadway on the Pike/Pine Corridor in the heart of Capitol Hill. It receives the most foot traffic for the neighborhood due to its high density of bars, clubs, restaurants, and shops.
#LOVETHEHILL lives at 1515 Broadway Seattle, WA 98122.
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